🌸Bluebell’s World🌸 – A little bit about Me & this blog ❤️

So I’m totally new to this, I’ve always wanted to write a blog but it’s always been about finding the time or finding something to inspire me to write about. I’m 26, I work as an Office Manager in the heart of London, I live with my family (for now) and commute each day from the lovely seaside in Essex and my weekends are spent up in the beautiful Ribble Valley in Lancashire with my boyfriend. So the City, the Sea, the Country. You could say I have the best of all three worlds! 

Despite my somewhat ‘mundane’ job of running an office and sitting at a desk I’m actually very creative! As I spend my 8-5 each day not really being able to express this, I thought now would be the perfect time to allow me to do this through a blog, before City life drains me of not only my sleep, but my true passions! The hustle and bustle of a 90 minute commute at 6:30am does no favours for a girl’s mind, she needs to escape!

This is my office… situated in the heart of London and just a 3 minute walk to Buckingham Palace! A 5 story Georgian building that was once 3 townhouses, it may look beautiful from the outside, but on the inside is where the headache happens!

In the last year or two I’ve found myself becoming a ‘Mini Me’ version of my lovely Mumma…. I’m OBSESSED with homeware, interiors, furniture, antiques.. you name it, I love it and I want it! No longer do I find myself eyeing up the £50 Topshop playsuit, but instead I want to spend that money on the beautiful footstool I saw in Zara Home. If this is what adult life is all about, I’m quite enjoying it!

A home is a space, no matter how big or small that is yours! Yours to fill with your most precious possessions, yours to express yourself with in whatever way you choose. Your home is a reflection of you. And that’s what I love so much. A home has a personality that mirrors your own! It’s a living, breathing thing even if it’s just brick and mortar!

I’ve been fortunate throughout my life that in my small but lovely family, each home is different but beautiful..

  • My home: by the sea in the beautiful little community of Thorpe Bay in Essex. Here you’ll find the sea just a mile away from most homes, beautiful houses and gardens and the community worthy of its own ‘Made in Thorpe Bay’ style series! It’s the location that has always brought that seaside element to my home, shells collected from when we were kids, scallop shells as tealight candle holders after a meal eaten down the old town (we love our seafood). My Mumma has a love for a cosy winter so in contrast you’ll find stag horns, sofas full of beautiful print cushions and a roaring fire inviting you in, asking you to never leave! 
  • My Uncle and Aunties – Situated in the beautiful town of Leigh-on-sea my Uncle and Auntie’s home is one of the most fascinating and inspiring homes I’ve ever been to. My uncle has always been into antiques-it’s his living. He has his own shop named ‘Time Capsule’ on the bustling Leigh Broadway (which will no doubt feature at some point in my blogs). His love for antiques mean that there is ALWAYS something new and fascinating to look at. Everything has a history and a story behind it, yet here it is in the Palmer household. This house is the definition of mixing ‘the old with the new’. It has a very modern take on it throughout the house, from the furniture, to the beautiful bathrooms. This house oozes so much character.
  • My Nannas – in a beautiful corner plot of Essex, this home was actually designed and built by my Nanna. It’s full of antiques she has collected, trinkets, no joke- 6 wardrobes full of vintage pieces (she was an absolute babe back in the day), and of course – my beautiful dolls house. A gift from my darling grandad when I was 12. This house brings back so many memories.

So I feel all of these homes, memories, people and characters have inspired my love for beautiful homes, gardens and interiors. How do I express this even though I still live at home? I try my bloody hardest! I buy gifts for my Mum for the family home, I designed the style and decoration of my bedroom, and my darling boyfriend has well and truly allowed me to leave my stamp on his once ‘lad pad’… a home that will have a feature of its own on this blog as we build his house into our home together!

I’m not sure where my blog will take me, what direction it’s going in or if anyone will even be interested to read me blabbering on about a candelabra, the fabric of a cushion or the colour of a painted porch, but it’s worth a shot! I’ll be capturing moments, expressing ideas and thoughts and hopefully as the time goes on, have my own home & project I can start on!

Enjoy! Here goes nothing!!!



Menorca – A Bohemian, Mediterranean Dream 

From the age of 8 (the last 18 years) my family holidays have been spent on the beautiful island of Menorca. One of the Balearic Islands, but slightly different to your Mallorca or Ibiza, this island has been completed untouched. There’s no ‘strip’ where you’ll find boozy Brits, no Nikki Beach Clubs with plush white beds and waiters bringing your iced champagne. No, this is Isla Baleares stripped back to its original routes. I’ve spent my childhood buying precious stone anklets from the night markets, finding one off crochet dresses and beautiful shell earrings. However it is in recent years that I’ve been able to appreciate its true beauty of architecture, plants and stunning traditional villas.

With its originality still intact it’s of no surprise that it’s bohemian routes are still as strong and as beautiful as ever in not just their fashion, but their homes, interiors and gardens. A Menorcan villa for me personally is what dreams are made of, the white exterior, tiled flooring, windows with shutters, palm trees and those beautiful pink Spanish flowers 🌺

The Menorcans have many traditions, from their sandals hand made on the island, to their infamous Xoriguer Gin, produced in the heart of the island, Mahon. However one of their traditions that have always caught my eye is the gates to their homes and land and the fence panelling used across the whole island. The gates are your typical ‘rustic’ farm gates with a Mediterranean vibe to them, they have them literally everywhere! On the front of these beautiful villas you will find these gates that are so worn that they have a certain charm to them! I think they’re a great piece that on the right property with the right setting in the U.K. could look stunning. Find yourself a top carpenter and add a Spanish touch to your home!

Next is the fencing. A strange thing to pick up on but it really is beautiful, and again used across the whole island. From what I can gather they have used tree branches, old tree branches. What an amazing way to ensure no tree is wasted! These fences really do add to the already picturesque landscape and coast! 

Now let me take you to one of the most beautiful and bustling towns of the island, Ciutadella. Set on the port, this town is home to outstanding Spanish architecture, bustling night markets and bohemian shops  set in caves. 

Now many of these shops is where myself and my Mumma have grown our extensive jewellery collections. These shops really are an Alladin’s cave! Quite literally, a cave! They use white chandeliers, decorative umbrellas and enchanting stands to display their jewellery and accessories, making the whole experience even more appealing, luring you in the moment you enter just from the layout and features… A true hippie paradise…

There’s something about shopping in an environment like this, it’s authentic. You’re in a cave, God knows how many years old, yet somehow these caves have been given a homely feel with lanterns, drapes and music. With the right accessories and ambience, anywhere can be made to feel like a home.

Now in terms of interiors, the Menorcan use shells, and lots of them! Everywhere you go, piles of these beautiful symbols of the sea are for sale to bring that symbol and authenticity to your home. Menorca is full of shops with hand crafted goods, from pottery to glassware. All of which look so Spanish! I would recommend anyone wanting to bring that Mediterranean vibe to their home to pick up these pieces when you see them, chances are it’s a one off piece! Nothing quite says ‘authentic’ like something purchased on your travels, with the memories and moments all flooding back each time you see that piece. 

Menorca is such a beautiful place that I would recommend to anyone wanting to relax, eat great seafood and A LOT of Sangria. This island is untouched, if you are wanting to experience authentic Spanish culture then this is for you. If you’re a homeware loving hippie with a love for the natural and simple things in life, then this is also the place for you! I’ve been inspired every time I’ve visited. Menorca will always hold a special place in my heart for many happy reasons, but I know for a fact I will draw a lot of inspiration from there in my own home for many years to come.